Estate Planning

If the value of your estate is worth more than £325,000 in total, in the event of your death, your beneficiaries could pay inheritance tax at 40% of the value of your estate above that amount.

With careful tax planning, we can help you to preserve more of the wealth that you have worked hard to accumulate without compromising your financial security.

The sooner you make the arrangements, the greater your opportunity of taking full advantage of the tax opportunities available and thereby maximising the amount that goes to your chosen beneficiaries.

Equally as important is ensuring that you make adequate provision for yourself and your spouse in your later years. Striking this balance calls for considerable skill and foresight - and a detailed knowledge of the tax regime.

We take into consideration family relationships, fairness, asset protection and effective wealth transfer. Our service includes:

  • help with drawing up and reviewing your Will, acting as executor and administering your estate
  • making full use of exemptions and lower tax rates on lifetime transfers
  • optimising lifetime transfers between spouses
  • transferring agricultural or business property
  • Lifetime gifts – transferring assets at appropriate times to reduce your taxable estate
  • Placing money and assets in trusts – either during your lifetime or on your death
  • arranging adequate life assurance to cover potential inheritance tax liabilities
  • Estate administration and accounting – preparing accounts and tax returns.

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